Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs adds ICC President and officials to wanted list

Piotr Hofmanski

26th September 2023 – (Moscow) The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has reportedly placed the President of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Piotr Hofmanski, on the country’s wanted list. Local media outlets have revealed that this move is accompanied by the addition of ICC First Vice President Luz del Carmen Ibáñez Carranza and judge Bertram Schmitt to the same wanted list.

According to reports, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has cited an article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation as the grounds for their inclusion on the wanted list. The specific details of the charges against them have not been disclosed at this time.

This development comes after the ICC issued an arrest warrant on 17th March of this year against Russian President Vladimir Putin and Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights Maria Lvova-Belova. The arrest warrant against Putin and Lvova-Belova was issued in connection with an alleged war crime involving the unlawful deportation of Ukrainian children.