Russian Ambassador accuses Washington of encouraging ‘Ukrainian terrorists’ in wake of Moscow drone attack

Anatoly Antonov

31st May 2023 – (Washington) The Russian Ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, has accused Washington of encouraging Ukrainian terrorists through its statements on the recent drone attack in Moscow. The Ambassador stated that the US officials’ attempts to hide behind the phrase “gathering information” were not convincing, and that the US was consciously and irretrievably descending into the abyss of hostilities in Europe. Antonov also highlighted that generating confrontation between NATO and Russia was an old-cherished dream of Nazi radicals in Kiev.

According to Antonov, the recent terrorist attack involving drones by the Kyiv regime was senseless from a military perspective and was an act of terrorism that had targeted ordinary Russian citizens. The attack involved eight unmanned aerial vehicles and caused minor injuries to two people, along with minor damage to several buildings. Five of the drones were shot down by the Pantsir-S missile system, and the remaining three were suppressed by electronic warfare.

The White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, stated at a regular briefing on Tuesday that the U.S. does not support Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory using U.S.-made weapons and that Washington has publicly and privately communicated this to Kiev. She also pointed out that the U.S. is allegedly gathering information on the incident.