Rumours link former Miss Hong Kong 2022 Denice Lam to Chin Wai-yee’s ex, Philip Ma

    From left to right: Ksenia B, Philip Ma Ching-yeung and Denice Lam.

    17th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Former Miss Hong Kong champion Denice Lam, aged 29, has recently been rumoured to have become close friends with Chin Wai-yee’s ex-husband, Philip Ma Ching-yeung, commonly known as Chin Wai-yee. The social circle has been buzzing with sightings of Denice driving her white Mercedes car in and out of Ma’s lavish residence in the prestigious neighbourhood of The Peak, indicating a deep connection between the two.

    As a second-generation celebrity, Denice Lam combines stunning looks with a fit physique. However, since winning the Miss Hong Kong 2022 title, she has been constantly embroiled in controversies. Recently, she received a major career boost when she was cast in TVB’s popular drama series “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold.” Her appearance in the show immediately garnered attention. With her career on the rise, her love life has also become more exciting. Several months ago, rumours began circulating in the social circle about her relationship with the well-known figure, Philip Ma Ching-yeung. According to reports, the two hit it off from the moment they met, and Ma has shown great affection towards Denice. They have been frequently seen attending social gatherings together without any concern for public scrutiny.

    It is known that since their relationship escalated, Denice Lam has moved from her previous residence in North Point to a more upscale neighbourhood in the same area. She is often spotted driving a white sports car parked inside Ma’s luxury estate on The Peak. Observers have reported seeing the car remain parked there for several hours before leaving. In recent days, Denice has been seen driving her white sports car to the television studio early in the morning for work. If she finishes early, she heads straight back home, occasionally meeting up with friends for meals. Notably, she is not seen accompanied by any male companions, possibly to avoid any misunderstandings with Philip Ma Ching-yeung or any other potential suitors.

    On the 6th of this month, at around 4pm, Denice Lam finished work and met up with former Miss Hong Kong, Cathy Wong, to watch a movie. Denice’s tall and striking figure made her stand out when they arrived at the cinema. However, she appeared cautious, constantly surveying her surroundings and looking left and right. Afterwards, they went to the snack counter to buy ice cream and drinks, with Denice paying the bill. Unexpectedly, just before the movie started, Denice secluded herself in a corner to make a phone call. Shortly after, she returned to the theatre with a disappointed expression, occupying a seat that was clearly vacant, suggesting that a friend had cancelled their plans last minute. After the movie, her enthusiasm seemed to wane as she and Crystal Wong headed to the parking lot separately to retrieve their cars. Denice then drove directly back to her luxurious new residence in North Point.

    On the 11th of this month, at around 3pm, Denice once again appeared at Philip Ma Ching-yeung’s housing estate. True to form, her white Mercedes was parked in the visitor’s spot. She didn’t leave until dusk, when she drove her car back to her residence in North Point. Since then, she hasn’t been seen going out. Two days later, at around the same time, Denice, returned home looking exhausted. However, upon exiting her car, she frequently glanced back, displaying a high level of vigilance.

    Former Miss Hong Kong, Chin Wai-yee, and Philip Ma Ching-yeung got married in 1995 and have two sons and a daughter. In 2018, their marriage hit a rough patch when Ukrainian model Ksenia B became involved, leading to rumours of infidelity. The couple officially announced their divorce in 2022, putting an end to their 27-year-long marriage. At the time, Ksenia B, who was suspected to be the third party, posted intimate photos with Philip Ma on social media. There are rumors circulating that Ksenia B is actively seeking wealthy partners and is often referred to as a golddigger.

    Chin Wai-yee revealed that after Philip Ma suggested they separate, she was asked to move out of the master bedroom and into a smaller room without windows, where she slept on a folding bed for nine months. She also faced financial difficulties, although Philip Ma denied this and claimed to provide her with a monthly allowance of HK$180,000, in addition to over HK$300,000 in credit card spending. He even remarked, “She has more money than me. Her room is nicer than mine.” In recent years, the two have been engaged in ongoing legal battles, often meeting in court.

    Denice Lam, the daughter of Hong Kong actor Wilson Lam Chun-yin, is often referred to as a second-generation celebrity. However, her parents have long been separated, and as a child, she experienced a modest upbringing. By the age of 13, she had moved out and supported herself by tutoring and working as a waitress, paying her own bills. Denice’s journey to stardom began when she participated in the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 2016 and emerged as the winner. Since then, she has been actively involved in the entertainment industry, appearing in various television dramas and gaining popularity among the audience.