Rosaryhill School faces closure, Parent-Teacher Association urges Education Bureau’s active involvement


19th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Rosaryhill School, a renowned educational institution with a 64-year history, is set to undergo significant changes that have sparked controversy. Starting from the 2024/25 academic year, the school’s private kindergarten and primary sections will merge with Hong Kong Dalton School, while the government-funded Rosaryhill Secondary School is scheduled for closure in the 2025/26 academic year. To ensure a smooth transition, an interim committee has been established by the school authorities.

Baljinder Singh, Chairman of the Rosaryhill Secondary School Parent-Teacher Association, expressed the need for further time to discuss and devise strategies during a meeting. He questioned the Education Bureau and the school administration of the Rosaryhill School Council, emphasizing that despite years of discussions, no concrete plans have been put forth. Singh believes it is the Education Bureau’s responsibility to take proactive measures in this situation.

The Rosaryhill School Dominican Order explained that a significant decline in enrolment numbers at the kindergarten and primary levels has resulted in a reduced number of students progressing to the secondary section, leading to substantial financial pressures. Speaking on a radio program, Singh highlighted that this year, only two students from the Rosaryhill School’s primary section have enrolled in the secondary section, suggesting that most students choose the school based on its excellent teaching quality. He raised concerns about the Rosaryhill Dominican Order prioritising commercial interests over the welfare of the school. Singh also expressed worry for the approximately 50 students with special educational needs in the secondary section, fearing that they may struggle to adapt if they are transferred to other schools. He expressed a desire for the school’s operations to be extended until the 2028/2029 academic year or for the government to find an alternative location to accommodate the students and teachers.

The proposed changes at Rosaryhill School have ignited a heated discussion among stakeholders, prompting calls for the Education Bureau to actively intervene and provide a comprehensive resolution to address the concerns raised by the Rosaryhill School community.