Ritual conducted for murdered 23-year-old female yoga instructor at Ritz Carlton Hotel room


3rd July 2022 – (Hong Kong) Aqua Chow Wai-yin, a 23-year-old female yoga instructor who was originally scheduled to go to the United States to study yoga, suddenly disappeared mysteriously before leaving. During the police investigation, Chow’s ex-boyfriend surrendered to the police station and handed over a hotel room card, which eventually revealed that Chow’s body with over stab wounds.

The ruthless murder took the woman’s life and brought unspeakable pain to the family members and friends around her.

At about 4pm today, a group of relatives and friends revisited Ritz Carlton hotel where the woman’s body was found to carry out a ritual for the deceased. Incenses and fruits were brought.

A group of more than a dozen of them walked into the hotel silently, with sad expressions on their faces. The hotel staff also made pre-arrangements and quickly led them upstairs to allow everyone to complete the ceremony in peace.