Rising star Gigi Yam’s shock departure from TVB leaves fans bewildered

    Gigi Yam

    22nd June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Gigi Yam, widely hailed as the “princess of the music industry,” has reportedly made headlines with news of her unexpected departure from TVB. According to her manager, citing “external factors,” Gigi will not be attending the highly anticipated Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award ceremony tomorrow. However, known for her strong-willed nature, Gigi expressed her desire to pursue music composition and even hinted at her wish to find a boyfriend.

    At the young age of 19, Gigi Yam burst onto the entertainment scene in 2021 after winning the coveted championship on TVB’s talent show, “Stars Academy: Voice Dream Legend.” Apart from her management contract with TVB, she also signed with TVB Music Group Limited (TMG), the record label under TVB. Within just over three years in the industry, Gigi has rapidly risen to become Hong Kong’s music sensation, amassing a massive fan following and securing lucrative endorsements, with reports suggesting her annual earnings reached an astonishing seven-figure sum. Remarkably, she has already acquired two properties despite her tender age.

    However, recent reports have circulated about Gigi’s potential departure from TVB, indicating that her contract with the network is nearing its end and no renewal negotiations have taken place thus far. Furthermore, her social media profiles no longer mention TVB management, and TMG’s official website has remained stagnant since April, following the announcement of Gigi’s concert. Additionally, her absence from the upcoming performance by her group, After Class, scheduled for July, further fuels the speculations surrounding her alleged estrangement from TVB. The rumors of Gigi being “frozen out” due to contract disputes have created a buzz in the industry.

    When Gigi’s manager was interviewed by local media reporters, the manager refrained from providing a direct response regarding Gigi’s departure but acknowledged that rumours had already circulated. The manager stated, “Every business relationship has a contractual term, and for now, we can only say that the company continues to have a long-standing collaboration with Gigi.” Regarding Gigi’s absence from the Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award, her manager explained, “Gigi won’t be able to attend the awards ceremony this Sunday due to various external factors. Given her young age, she still has plenty of opportunities ahead. Missing an event once in a while is something I believe every singer has experienced. Let’s not think too much about it.”