Rioters hurl petrol bombs at police vehicle on Yuen Wo Road in Sha Tin, over 200 bricks scattered all over to prevent vehicles from passing through

Picture credit : CBC

13th October 2019 – (Hong Kong) As many clashes broke out between protesters and police in over 9 districts. Flash mob rioters erected barricades on many roads to confront with riot police. In the afternoon, when police set up a defence line on Yuen Wo Road in Sha Tin, protesters hurled petrol bombs at police vehicles causing one of them to catch fire. Smoke was seen billowing from the rear of the vehicle while a rioter clad in black immediately fled the scene. The police vehicle then left the scene immediately. It was unsure how much damage the police vehicle sustained.

At around 5pm this afternoon, at least protesters clad in black barricaded the junction between Tam Kon Po Street and Yuen Wo Road. They also scattered over 200 bricks on the road to prevent police vehicles from passing by. Buses and vehicles were stopped from passing through.