Revamped Pak Kok Pier on Lamma Island opens to public, limited-time opening exhibition held from now till 11th December


    16th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) Lamma Island has a free-spirited, multicultural vibe and is home to hipsters and creative types. Indie boutiques, craft stores and mellow cafes line Yung Shue Wan Main Street. The island’s hiking trails take in the WWII-era Kamikaze Caves and have sweeping coastal views. Locals and day-trippers unwind on Hung Shing Yeh Beach, or head to Sok Kwu Wan fishing village and its casual seafood eateries.

    The reconstruction of the existing Pak Kok Pier on Lamma Island (including provision of ancillary facilities such as roof cover, lighting system, benches, and solar panels, etc.) which started in April 2020 has completed recently. In order to harmoniously blend into the surrounding environment, the new pier is mainly designed with minimalism. The transparent rooftop of the pier makes good use of natural lighting. Reinforced glass is used for beautification and shading from the sun. The railings of the new pier are designed with the character “Y” representing Lamma Island, making the pier more localised. The new pier is equipped with lighting systems, solar power panels and other equipment. A number of novel supporting facilities have also been added, including landing ramps, USB charging points, electronic display screens, Wi-Fi, drinking fountains, etc.

    To celebrate the completion of the new pier, a limited-time opening exhibition will be held from now until 11th December, introducing the construction process and results of the first “Pier Improvement Scheme” in Hong Kong, as well as a number of novel supporting facilities. During the exhibition period, citizens who take the ferry from Aberdeen to New Pak Kok Pier on Lamma Island will have the opportunity to obtain postcards with the new pier, the scenery of Lamma Island or the windmill, and they can emboss the postcard with a specially designed stamp at the new pier as souvenir. During the exhibition period, publicity ambassadors will welcome everyone at the new pier on Saturdays and Sundays to deepen everyone’s understanding of the project, the new pier and surrounding sightseeing spots. At that time, in addition to using mobile phones to take pictures of the new pier, citizens can also scan the QR code on the exhibition board, take a photo with the mascot “Engineering Lion” through Facebook or Instagram immediately. Limited souvenirs will also be given to visitors.

    Visitors can go to Pak Kok Village nearby. It comprises the two settlements Pak Kok Kau Tsuen and Pak Kok San Tsuen.