Retired Hong Kong actress Rosamund Kwan, 61 spotted dancing in Dali bar

    Rosamund Kwan

    8th April 2024 – (Dali) Rosamund Kwan, the 61-year-old former Hong Kong actress, known for her timeless beauty and rumoured multi-millionaire status, continues to live a life of luxury and indulgence. Recently, she was spotted dancing at a bar in Dali, and new photos reveal that her allure remains undiminished.

    In the captured footage, Kwan, with her shoulder-length hair, can be seen swaying and dancing behind the bar counter to the rhythm of a song, exuding her signature gracefulness. At one point, she appears to notice someone attempting to take unauthorised photographs and instinctively covers her right cheek with her hair while shielding her face with both hands. The individual capturing the moment on their phone is suspected to be Kwan’s affluent friend from Hong Kong, Priscilla Ku, who accompanied her on a leisurely trip to Dali.

    Furthermore, another social media user uploaded a photo of themselves with Rosamund Kwan, along with fellow actor Tony Leung Chiu-wai, praising Kwan for her amiable and friendly nature. The post garnered a lot of positive feedback, with many online users commending Kwan’s down-to-earth personality and reminiscing about their shared memories of her, symbolising the collective nostalgia of the post-80s generation.