Retired HK actor Roy Cheung Yiu-yeung impresses at 60, maintaining iconic “Crow” image

    Roy Cheung (left) and Fanny Sieh (right)>

    17th August 2023 – (Hong Kong) Retired Hong Kong actor Roy Cheung Yiu-yeung has recently entered the realm of 60, but his charisma remains as strong as ever. Cheung gained fame for his portrayal of Crow in the “Young and Dangerous” film series, where his villainous persona left a lasting impression on audiences. Despite taking a step back from the entertainment industry in recent years, Cheung has preserved his signature long-haired look, complemented by a distinguished salt-and-pepper beard, exuding even more authority than his iconic “Crow” character.

    On September 16th, 59-year-old Fanny Sieh, formerly known as an actress and model who has allegedly undergone multiple cosmetic procedures, shared a heavily photoshopped picture on her Instagram featuring a reunion with Roy Cheung, along with Gigi Fu. Sieh, often referred to as the “socialite queen” of Hong Kong, expressed her joy in reuniting with old friends and enjoying a special autumn-themed omakase together. In the photo, Roy Cheung sported a pair of sunglasses, a steel watch on his wrist, and a shirt that subtly showcased his well-toned chest muscles. However, it was his trademark long white hair and beard that truly stood out, emphasizing his stylish and commanding presence.