Retired actress Maggie Cheung spotted shopping in Paris, delighting fans

    Maggie Cheung

    14th September 2023 – (Paris) Retired 58-year-old Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung, who has been leading a semi-retired life in recent years, made a rare public appearance last November when she joined a mainland Chinese platform. However, she has only uploaded five videos so far, leaving her fans with mixed feelings. Despite maintaining a low profile, she is occasionally spotted by netizens from around the world. After being seen in a prestigious London store in July this year, netizens shared photos of her shopping in Paris yesterday (13th).

    According to netizens, Maggie Cheung was spotted at Place Vendôme in Paris, browsing shoes at a luxury boutique. One netizen stated, “Maggie Cheung also comes to check out new items, haha! Basically, no one recognised her. If someone did recognise her, they wouldn’t dare to approach her. I waited until she finished browsing the shoe section and then asked her for a photo. Since she wasn’t wearing makeup and was out shopping on her own, she declined the photo. However, I shook hands with her, and I’m so happy! She’s genuinely super nice and kept smiling while talking to me!”

    In the photo shared online, Maggie Cheung is seen with shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a cap, an oversized suit jacket, wide-leg pants, and a trendy black designer bag worth over HK$40,000. Despite her slim figure, she has maintained her elegance over the years. The netizen praised her for her well-maintained appearance, although some signs of aging were visible: “She’s much taller than I imagined, probably around 173cm. She has a great temperament. She wasn’t wearing makeup and had some spots and wrinkles, but she’s still beautiful.” Many fans expressed their desire for her to return to acting.

    In May 2014, Cheung performed at the Shanghai Strawberry Music Festival. In 2015, she composed and performed the theme song “If You Were Gone” for the film anthology Cities in Love. Cheung’s performance as a DJ at the grand opening of a new Gucci store in Hong Kong in June 2022 also garnered attention.

    In her personal life, Cheung was married to French director Olivier Assayas from 1998 to 2001. She was in a relationship with German architect Ole Scheeren from 2007 to 2011. There have been rumours about her romantic involvement with Tony Leung, her co-star in the film “In the Mood for Love,” but Leung is married to fellow actress Carina Lau.