Retired actress Irene Wan opens up about choosing not to have children

    Irene Wan (right) and Kenneth Ho (left).

    16th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Retired actress Irene Wan, aged 57, known for her timeless beauty, has recently shared her decision to refrain from having children in a video titled “Why I Choose Not to Have Kids.” Despite her age, Wan maintains a youthful appearance that defies her true years, thanks to her exceptional skincare routine. In her candid message, she expresses her reasons for rejecting motherhood while emphasising the importance of staying true to oneself.

    According to Wan, being single allows her the freedom to maintain her own thoughts and beliefs, without being influenced by marriage or relationships. She believes that as long as one feels comfortable and content living independently, being single is perfectly acceptable. Despite being married to wealthy businessman Kenneth Ho for 24 years, Wan remains steadfast in her decision to not have children.

    Wan’s aversion to childbirth stems from personal experiences within her family. She recounts her sister’s difficult pregnancy, which caused her significant discomfort and complications during childbirth. Witnessing her sister’s struggles, including excessive bleeding and the risk of losing the baby, along with the postpartum challenges and weight gain that followed, Wan developed a deep-seated fear of childbirth.

    However, Wan and her husband have chosen to make a difference in a child’s life through adoption. They have welcomed a child named Xavier into their family, whom they treat as their own. In her video, Wan emphasises that marriage can be fulfilling even without biological children. She encourages women to live authentically, embracing their uniqueness and displaying confidence without concern for society’s judgment. Wan embodies a self-assured and independent approach to life, unattached to anyone and unafraid of the future, wishing happiness for all.