Results unveiled for Hong Kong’s seventh District Council Ordinary Election


11th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Tthe results of the Seventh District Council Ordinary Election in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) were announced on Monday. A total of 176 district committee constituency councillors and 88 geographical constituency councillors were elected, marking an important milestone in the district governance of the region.

According to David Lok, Chairman of the Electoral Affairs Commission, over 1.19 million geographical constituency electors actively participated in the election. The voting and vote-counting processes proceeded smoothly, demonstrating a general adherence to the principles of transparency, honesty, and fairness. Lok addressed the press on Monday morning, expressing his satisfaction with the overall arrangements and the election’s ability to uphold these fundamental principles.

The newly elected District Councils (DCs) will be composed of appointed members, district committee constituency councillors, district council geographical constituency councillors, and ex-officio members. The total number of district councillors will amount to 470, ensuring broad representation across various sectors and constituencies.

The implementation of the District Councils (Amendment) Bill 2023, which came into effect on 10th July, is a crucial step in the reform of HKSAR’s DC system. The aim is to uphold the principle of “patriots administering Hong Kong” at the district governance level, in accordance with the provisions of the HKSAR Basic Law. The reformed system seeks to effectively utilize the advisory and service functions of the DCs while ensuring the security and interests of the districts, the HKSAR, and the nation as a whole.

HKSAR Chief Executive John Lee, who cast his vote on Sunday morning, highlighted the importance of the reformed electoral system. Under this system, all elected DC members will be patriots dedicated to safeguarding the security and interests of their districts, the HKSAR, and the country. This commitment ensures that residents can enjoy a peaceful and prosperous environment, contributing to Hong Kong’s overall stability and prosperity.

The new term District Councils have welcomed patriotic individuals from diverse backgrounds. Their proposed policies not only address the specific needs of their respective constituencies but also consider the long-term development requirements of Hong Kong as a whole.

Lau Siu-kai, a consultant for the Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macao Studies, a prominent think tank, commended the newly elected DCs for their broad representation of the Hong Kong community. The composition of the DCs is seen as a positive step towards optimizing and enhancing democracy in Hong Kong, effectively reflecting public opinion.

The newly elected DC members will commence their four-year term on 1st January, 2024, ready to take on the responsibilities entrusted to them by the people of Hong Kong.