Restaurant manager arrested for shooting toothpicks into employee’s face with toy crossbow


Osaka, Japan –  A  42-year-old owner Masao Mukai, his 26-year-old wife and employee, and 25-year-old manager of Yakiniku GyuuGyuu, a Korean BBQ restaurant in Osaka were all arrested two days ago in connection with the three counts of assault and one count of causing bodily injury to an employee who has already endured a series of physical attacks since 2017.

The first incident occurred in July of 2017 when the three suspects allegedly hit the 35-year-old victim in the face dozens of times with a piece of lumber. Another time they  poured boiling hot water onto the man’s buttocks and thighs. And in October 2017 the same year,  the three tied the victim’s hands before placing a piece of tissue on a piece of wire, lit it and shoved it up  the victim’s nose. You can imagine how much nostril hair was burned in the process.

The three allegedly  used a toy crossbow recently to fire toothpicks into the employee’s face and the incident finally led to their arrest.

Apparently, the three alleged that the employee had embezzled some money from the restaurant but the inhumane punishments were not justified.