Resignation of HK Baptist University student union cabinet following disciplinary action


27th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) The student union cabinet of Hong Kong Baptist University has resigned after being accused of posting inaccurate content online. The university announced last month that the complaint was substantiated and disciplinary action was taken against the involved students.

In a social media post late yesterday, the student union cabinet stated that they had submitted a proposal for their resignation, which was passed by the council at 8pm yesterday evening. Due to insufficient statutory members, the council announced the immediate dissolution of the cabinet.

The student union cabinet claimed that they received anonymous complaints from the university three days after taking office on April 1st. The university also unilaterally announced the suspension of the cabinet’s handover work and refused to grant access to venues, which prevented the cabinet from participating in all university meetings as student representatives. The cabinet’s inauguration ceremony, scheduled for last month, was also postponed.

The university punished all members of the cabinet, with four members being deprived of their participation in university affairs until 31st August next year. The hearing for the appeal against this punishment is scheduled for 29th May. The student union cabinet stated that they made the decision to resign in consideration of the interests of the student union and its members.