Residents nearby damaged power cable bridge urges CLP to take full responsibility as repair works continue, local businessman says electromagnetic radiation can cause leukaemia


24th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) A power cable bridge near MTR Long Ping Station in Yuen Long caught fire earlier, causing large-scale power outages in Yuen Long, Tin Shui Wai and Tuen Mun, affecting more than 500,000 people. As of 8pm last night (23rd), the power outage in Yuen Long lasted for half an hour again.

As of the morning, the wreckage of the halved cable bridge was still lying on the ground. There were staff at the site continuing to work on the maintenance and restoration.

Meanwhile, CLP responded that the engineering staff had completed the laying of the first batch of 1.32 million volt UHV cables and the electricity was officially switched on at 3am this morning. After the power was turned on, the power supply capacity of the power grid in the area would be strengthened and the stability of the power supply can be improved. As for the other two sets of high-voltage cables, the goal is to complete the laying process to restore electricity on or before next Tuesday (28th).

CLP once again apologised to the affected customers and said that it will continue to closely monitor the electricity consumption in the district and make deployment if necessary. Some residents in Yuen Long criticised the power outage again last night, which affected the daily life of the citizens. Many believe that CLP should take full responsibility.

Jason Poon, a businessman and engineer, Vice Chairman on Redcross’ New Territory East Elder Services and members of two think tanks namely Chatham House and International Institute of Strategic Studies said that many countries are studying the level of electromagnetic radiation caused by such high-voltage cables, and the level of 0.4 µT (Microtesla, the unit of measurement of electromagnetic radiation) may increase. Contacts are twice as likely to develop Leukaemia.

Blocks 2 and 3 of Spectra, Hor Ping House, Carmel Leung Sing Tak School and MTR Long Ping Station are all within a distance of 20-90m from the damaged cable bridge. According to online information, if the high-voltage cable is not buried underground, the electromagnetic radiation in the range of tens of metres of the balanced cable can reach 0.4 µT, which may cause serious diseases including Leukaemia. Although this 0.4 µT figure is still controversial, Poon questioned, ‘should power companies consider the health risks of nearby residents when they build exposed high-voltage cables near residential buildings?’