Resident expresses displeasure as deliveryman abandons dog in apartment corridor after taking a photo in Tseung Kwan O


7th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Calmness turned into surprise when a deliveryman unexpectedly brought a dog to a resident’s doorstep in Tseung Kwan O. The bewildered recipient, Ms. Ng, took to Facebook yesterday to express her dissatisfaction with the deliveryman’s actions. She refused to accept the dog due to uncertainty about the sender’s identity and the dog’s origin. However, the deliveryman left the dog in the corridor after insisting on taking a photo with it, much to Ng’s dismay. She criticised the deliveryman, stating, “We didn’t sign for anything. He took a photo with the dog and left.”

Ng expressed her discontent with the deliveryman’s handling of the situation and mentioned her intention to file a complaint with the company. At present, she has not considered reporting the incident to the police or seeking assistance from animal welfare organisations. Ng assured concerned netizens that the dog is safe and being cared for by a friend.

According to the resident’s online post, she recounted how a deliveryman from a major courier company “left a dog at my doorstep, claiming it was a delivery for me. I declined, but he left the dog in the corridor after taking a photo with it.” Perplexed, Ng contacted the company’s customer service centre for clarification. The customer service representative assured her that they would inform the sender to get in touch, but Ng has yet to receive any further communication. Frustrated and uncertain, she turned to the Tseung Kwan O Facebook group for advice, asking, “What should I do?”

This incident has garnered attention from netizens who criticized the deliveryman’s handling of the situation. Some questioned the appropriateness of delivering a living creature in such a manner, while others speculated about possible abandonment or questioned the delivery company’s policies. Concerns were also raised about the dog’s current safety.

In a subsequent update, Ng explained that she had no prior knowledge of the delivery and said, “Without any awareness of the situation, they delivered the dog, left it in the corridor without obtaining a signature, took a photo, and left.” She spent the entire night contacting customer service and gathering information to ascertain the deliveryman’s identity. Ng suspected that the incident might be related to a dispute between family members but mentioned that she found it inconvenient to contact the sender directly. However, her main source of dissatisfaction stemmed from the deliveryman’s actions, and she stated her intention to lodge a complaint with the company.

According to the courier company’s website, their services do not include animal transportation, as indicated under their “Restrictions on Goods” section. If such a delivery is discovered after the order is placed, it will be cancelled, and the delivery fee will be refunded to the user’s e-wallet in the app.