Rescue dogs who completed mission in Turkey pay a visit to Chief Executive at Government House


26th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Two firefighting search and rescue dogs, Twix and Umi, have returned to Hong Kong after completing a successful rescue mission in Turkey. The dogs underwent a thorough quarantine process and have been given a clean bill of health. In celebration of their heroism, they were invited to a special event at the Government House, where they were treated to their favourite snacks.

Twix and Umi are both highly energetic and excited dogs. When Twix, Umi and Umi’s sister, Uma arrived at the Government House lawn, they were all over the place, wagging their tails and rolling on the grass. Twix even flipped over to ask for belly rubs, which delighted everyone who was present. These dogs are not only great companions but also essential partners in their line of work.

Hong Kong has over 340 working dogs, which are used by various government agencies to carry out different tasks related to law enforcement and public safety. These tasks include patrol duties, investigations, drug detection, and search and rescue missions. The contribution of these furry heroes cannot be overstated, as they help their human counterparts to accomplish their work more efficiently.