Renowned singer Jenny Tseng criticises Adam Cheng’s handling of life following tragic suicide of his eldest daughter

    From left to right: Jenny Tseng, Adam Cheng and Angelina Cheng

    2nd October 2023 – (Hong Kong) Renowned singer Jenny Tseng, known for her outspoken nature, took to social media to express her views on current affairs and entertainment news. On 2nd October, she posted a message on her social media account questioning why people choose to have children when they are not prepared emotionally, mentally, or financially. In the comment section, she seemed to be reflecting on the tragic suicide of Adam Cheng’s eldest daughter, who had severed ties with him. Tseng wrote, “I heard about Adam Cheng’s family situation yesterday, and I feel sorry for him. He didn’t handle his life well. As a netizen said, it was reckless.” Many netizens expressed agreement with her sentiments by liking her post.

    Tseng went on to express her belief that everyone has a story behind them. She suggested that perhaps the father was selfish, and the mother’s love overwhelmed her, resulting in a situation where only the child is innocent. She stated, “The basic requirements for the birth of a new life are love, time, and milk powder. These three elements are indispensable. Do we all agree? Hmm! It’s not a game of playing house!” She also shared her personal opinion on parenting, saying, “In the past, parents had a responsibility to care for their children until they turned 18. But with technological advancements in today’s society, children mature faster. When they approach you to discuss something, parents need to understand how to respect and assist them in order to maintain a good long-term relationship.”