Renowned hairy crab shop in Causeway Bay, Old San Yang, to permanently close as owner sets sights on retirement


15th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Old San Yang, the beloved Causeway Bay establishment renowned for its delectable hairy crabs, revealed its imminent permanent closure. The owner, Sandy Ki clarified that the decision was not prompted by rent or business-related problems. Instead, Ki expressed her desire to reap the rewards of her dedicated efforts during her retirement.

Having devoted considerable time to running the store, Ki now aspires to embrace the path taken by her peers, dedicating time to caring for her grandchildren and embarking on adventures around the globe. As news of the closure spread, a surge of customers rushed to the store to savour their final taste of the cherished delicacies. Ki expressed contentment and asserted that she harboured no regrets regarding her decision.

In an endeavour to conclude the store’s story on a positive note, Ki announced plans to donate the remaining stock to charities.