Renowned 58-year-old Feng Shui master Mak Ling-ling dispels kidnapping rumours

    Mak Ling-ling

    29th March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Mak Ling-ling, an established metaphysician in both Hong Kong and Mainland China, recently debunked rumours of her kidnapping incident. Last December, while practising Feng Shui in Mainland China, reports emerged of her being held captive and a demand for a ransom of HK$5 million before she could regain her freedom. Mak Ling Ling shed light on the situation and explained the origin of the rumours, stating with a smile, “The Mainland is 120% safe!”

    During the supposed kidnapping incident, friends and media colleagues reached out to Mak Ling Ling to express their concern. It was through these phone calls that she first learned of her alleged abduction. She shared, “Some media executives were very worried and immediately messaged me on WhatsApp, asking if I was safe. I assured them that everything was fine. If they hadn’t informed me, I wouldn’t have known.

    Mak revealed that several years ago, when she first started working in Mainland China, she heard rumours about the country’s general security situation. When asked about the incident by reporters, she jokingly mentioned that she was most afraid of being kidnapped while her husband refused to pay the ransom. She speculated that the rumours might have originated from this playful remark.

    Mak disclosed that she primarily collaborates with major institutions in Mainland China and always receives a deposit before commencing work. She said, “Working in Mainland China is safe because we work with companies and large institutions. We always receive a deposit, collect the full payment in advance. We don’t go without receiving the money or knowing the details. I have several assistants, you know! Secondly, we mostly work with banks, insurance companies, beauty salons, and real estate projects. When it comes to private clients seeking Feng Shui consultations, we usually require their information, address, pictures, and full payment before the consultation. I don’t know why this funny story or fabrication came about.” She further mentioned that she never accepts engagements at nightclubs, emphasising, “All our activities are conducted during daylight hours. And do you think the police are foolish? Violating public security laws and disrupting public order? Nowadays, we don’t even need to carry money; everything is done through electronic payments.”

    Mak Ling Ling reiterated that working in Mainland China is 100% safe, stating, “If you have been to Mainland China in the past year or two, you would understand that the security situation in the country has improved significantly. The rumours of her kidnapping were baseless and likely stemmed from a playful remark she made in the past. She emphasized that she has been working with reputable institutions and companies in Mainland China, and all necessary precautions are taken to ensure her safety during her visits. Mak also highlighted that electronic payments have become the norm, eliminating the need to carry cash and further enhancing security.