Reminder for parents to apply for Primary One places in Hong Kong schools


19th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Education Bureau (EDB) has issued a reminder to parents in Hong Kong who wish to apply for a Primary One (P1) place for their child in any government or aided school in September 2024. The applications for discretionary places under the Primary One Admission (POA) System can be submitted through the POA e-platform (ePOA) or in paper form within specific dates.

Parents who opt to apply for a P1 place through the POA System via ePOA should register as ePOA users and link their account to “iAM Smart+”. They can then submit their applications between 21st and 29th September through ePOA. Detailed guidelines can be found in the Parent’s Guides on the EDB website. Alternatively, parents can choose to submit paper application forms directly to the school during office hours from September 25 to 29. If unable to submit the form in person, parents can authorise a representative to do so on their behalf.

It is important for parents to note that they should only submit one application for their child. Multiple applications to different schools will void the application for a discretionary place. Duplicate applications through both ePOA and paper form for the same child should also be avoided.

The EDB spokesman emphasized that schools will process applications according to established procedures and criteria during the Discretionary Places Admission stage. Parents are not required to prepare portfolios for their child’s application. Additionally, children who have already accepted P1 places in Direct Subsidy Scheme primary schools will not be allocated places in government or aided primary schools through the POA System.

For parents applying solely for the POA Central Allocation, the application should be submitted to the EDB via ePOA or in paper form by 26th January, 2024. Paper applications should be returned to the School Places Allocation Section (Primary One Admission) of the EDB at their current office address. The EDB will announce details of the section’s relocation on their website in the future.

When completing the POA Application Form, parents must provide the actual residential address of their child. Any attempt to provide a false address to secure a P1 place will result in the application being voided and the allocated place being withdrawn. It is important to note that using false instruments or making false statutory declarations in the application is a criminal offense and may result in imprisonment or fines according to the Crimes Ordinance. Suspected cases of false address usage can be reported to the School Places Allocation Section hotline.

Parents are advised to review the requirements and deadlines carefully to ensure a smooth application process for their child’s Primary One admission in Hong Kong.