Remembering Leslie Cheung: Chinese Netizens praise TikTok star’s stunning impersonation

    Yu Junhan

    5th June 2023 – (Guangzhou) It has been 20 years since the passing of one of the most iconic stars in Chinese cinemaLeslie Cheung. However, he still lives on in the hearts of his fans, who continue to mourn his loss and pay tribute to his legacy. Every year, there are numerous memorial events held in his honour, and his fans around the world have never forgotten him. Recently, a TikTok star from mainland China gained attention for his stunning impersonation of Leslie Cheung.

    The TikTok star, whose name is Yu Junhan, hails from Guangdong and has nearly 630,000 followers on the platform. His profile reads, “I am Yu Junhan, who loves Leslie Cheung and Hong Kong music.” He has shared several videos of himself dressed up as Leslie Cheung, using makeup to recreate the late actor’s iconic features. He also lip-synced to some of Leslie’s classic songs, mimicking his mannerisms and expressions with remarkable accuracy.

    In one of his videos, Yu even showed the process of applying makeup to transform himself into Leslie Cheung. Many netizens praised him for his impressive skills, with comments like “the most alike on the internet,” “his makeup skills are amazing,” and “although no one can replace Leslie Cheung, he really looks like him.”

    Leslie Cheung was not just a singer and actor but also a cultural icon who inspired generations of fans. He rose to fame in the 1980s and became one of the most popular stars in Hong Kong cinema, with a string of hits that included “Days of Being Wild,” “Farewell My Concubine,” and “Happy Together.” He was known for his captivating performances, unique style, and charming personality, which earned him a legion of fans around the world.

    However, Leslie’s life came to a tragic end when he committed suicide in 2003. His death shocked his fans and the entertainment industry, and his legacy has continued to inspire people to this day. He was a trailblazer who pushed the boundaries of Chinese culture and established himself as an international superstar.