Released Shandong man allegedly seeks revenge, exploits firecracker sounds to slaughter village


13th February 2024 – (Rizhao City) A village massacre in Juxian County, Shandong Province, China, has left nearly 20 people dead. Disturbingly, even a doctor who arrived at the scene to provide medical assistance tragically lost their life. The incident prompted the mobilisation of armed police and military forces to pursue the assailant.

However, shortly after the incident unfolded, the information surrounding it appeared to be systematically blocked by Chinese authorities.

The incident, initially referred to as the “Juxian Murder Case” or the “Zhaike Village Massacre,” briefly trended on social media platforms. Speculation arose regarding the alleged perpetrator, who was rumoured to have a disability and a history of abuse by relatives.

According to several mainland Chinese media outlets and online sources, the tragedy occurred on the first day of the Lunar New Year, February 10th. It is believed that a man in his thirties, armed with a homemade firearm, carried out the violent rampage. Shockingly, he did not spare even the emergency medical personnel who arrived at the scene. After killing more than ten people, he swiftly fled the area. The incident quickly gained attention on platforms such as Douyin, with hashtags related to the “Juxian Murder Case” and “Zhaike Village” trending.

Additionally, online forums such as “Chigua Net” featured alleged insiders providing further details. These individuals claimed that the suspect, who had a mild disability, had worked outside the village for many years. They also mentioned that during his childhood, he had been mistreated by his adopted uncle. As he grew older, he faced legal troubles and was imprisoned, allegedly due to a complaint filed by one of his former teachers. These experiences seemingly fueled his desire for revenge, leading to the tragic events that unfolded upon his release.

It has been reported that the suspect used a homemade nail gun during the attack, taking advantage of the noise from firecrackers to conceal the sound of his weapon. He methodically targeted individuals he had grievances with, which included his stepfather and former teacher, among others. This suggests that the motives behind the massacre were carefully calculated.

Following the incident, a massive manhunt was launched by the authorities, involving armed police and military personnel. Initial reports from mainland Chinese media stated that the suspect had been apprehended.

However, as discussions surrounding the case continued to gain traction, all information related to the Juxian Murder Case mysteriously disappeared. There are suspicions that the government has imposed a comprehensive information blackout on the incident, leaving the authenticity and details of the event unverifiable.