Regina Ip says final salary increase of 7.26% for senior civil servants will not be accepted by public


21st May 2022 – (Hong Kong) The 2022 Pay Trend Survey Report was released a few days ago showing gross pay trend indicators of 3.2%, 5.58% and 8.3% for the lower, middle and upper salary bands. The report was compiled by the Pay Survey & Research Unit of the Joint Secretariat for the Advisory Bodies on Civil Service & Judicial Salaries & Conditions of Service. The basic pay indicators for the lower, middle and upper salary bands are 2.78%, 4.06% and 4.53%, while the additional pay indicators are 0.42%, 1.52% and 3.77%.

It showed that after deducting the expenses for salary increments, the net indicator of the salary trend of senior civil servants was 7.26%, and the rate of increase was controversial. Member of the Executive Council, Regina Ip, said on a radio program this morning (21st) that many people in the society are unemployed or underemployed. She believes that the relevant increase is difficult for the public to accept. She also pointed out that The Chief Executive-in-Council will take into account factors, including the pay trend indicators from the survey, the state of the economy, the Government’s fiscal position, changes in the cost of living, pay claims of the staff side and civil service morale, before making a decision on the pay adjustment. So, it is unlikely that the final salary increase of 7.26% will be based on the survey results alone.

Regarding the performance of some civil servants who have been criticised, Ip  pointed out that some civil servants put too much emphasis on procedures, which is basically risk-free performance without sharing responsibilities.