Refusing to let selfish behaviour slide, netizen publicly shames foreign woman for “airing” her feet on a bus


17th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A recent incident on a Hong Kong bus sparked a heated discussion online when a male passenger shared a photo in a bus enthusiasts Facebook group. The photo showed a foreign woman, suspected to be a model, sitting on the upper deck of the bus with her feet raised and resting on the front space, prompting the uploader to exclaim, “The city is on fire!” The post quickly gained attention, with netizens divided in their opinions.

The Hong Kong man, who remains anonymous, posted the photo on the Facebook group “Bus Discussion Zone – Updated Version,” expressing his frustration at the woman’s behaviour during the bus ride.

In the photo, the foreign woman can be seen wearing a white jumpsuit, seated on the right side of the upper deck near the window. She had removed her shoes and placed her feet on the front table space, seemingly “airing” them. However, due to the significant height at which she raised her legs, her actions resulted in an unintentional exposure.

The online post triggered a flurry of discussions among netizens. Some criticized the woman’s behaviour as indecent and selfish, commenting, “How self-centred,” “That’s not what the space is for,” and “It affects other passengers.”

However, a considerable number of netizens seemed to have missed the point entirely, focusing instead on the woman’s “airing” of her feet. They praised her appearance with comments like “She looks stunning,” “What a treat,” and “Such a beautiful woman.” They also criticized the original poster, questioning his intentions by saying, “Are you seeking justice or just satisfying your own desires?” and “You’re pretending to be righteous by secretly taking pictures and exposing them online!” Some even advised him, “Once you’ve had your look, move on. Don’t take pictures.”