RedMr karaoke located in Siu On Plaza, Causeway Bay sued over HK$4.6 million in rents arrears by landlord

Red MR branch in Causeway Bay.

27th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) The RedMR chain karaoke located in Siu On Plaza on Jaffe Road in Causeway Bay had its branch taken to court by the landlord last Friday (24th) for rent arrears and other fees since December last year. The landlord is requesting the court to order the karaoke to vacate the premises and pay over HK$4.6 million in outstanding charges, including rent, management fees, air conditioning fees, and other fees, plus interest and continuing rent until the premises are returned.

The plaintiff in the case is Siu On Realty Company Limited and the defendant is bma KTV (SOP) Limited. The plaintiff stated in its claim that it is the owner of floors 1 to 3 of Siu On Plaza in Causeway Bay. It further stated that it signed a four-year lease agreement with the defendant in July 2019, and the defendant has been renting the property since June 2019, paying a monthly rent of HK$949,000, plus miscellaneous charges such as management fees and air conditioning fees. The plaintiff claimed that the defendant has been in arrears since December last year, with the outstanding rent amounting to HKD 3.797 million as of this month, plus HK$814,000 in outstanding miscellaneous charges. The plaintiff is seeking an immediate repayment of the outstanding amount plus interest and legal costs and the return of the property.

According to records, the plaintiff had previously taken the defendant to court in September 2020 for rent and miscellaneous fees arrears of over HK$3.4 million related to the same property. However, the day after the claim was filed, the company which operates the RedMR karaoke store at the premises, issued a statement clarifying that it had resolved the rental dispute with the plaintiff and that each branch of its store operates independently.