Redhill Peninsula House No.52 owner refuses entry for inspection, Lands Department obtains court order


26th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In Tai Tam’s Redhill Peninsula, a series of houses have been revealed to have unauthorized constructions. However, the owner or occupant of House No. 52 has refused entry to officials from the Buildings Department for inspection. Today (26th), the department announced that they have obtained a court order and will arrange for an internal inspection. As of today, nine house owners have voluntarily contacted the department to arrange inspections, with one house found to have unauthorised constructions.

The Buildings Department stated that during a joint operation with the Lands Department yesterday (25th), a total of 10 houses were inspected, but three of them were inaccessible at the time. Subsequently, the owners of two of the houses contacted the department to arrange inspections. Yesterday, several unauthorised constructions were discovered in one of the houses. The department will soon issue demolition orders to the relevant owners, requiring the removal of the unauthorized structures. The department further mentioned that they have scheduled inspections of the remaining eight houses within the next week.