Recovered COVID-19 infected patients with CT value greater than or equal to 35 allowed to enter Macao from 30th November onwards


26th November 2022 – (Macao) The  Macao Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre  announced today (26th) that the Health Bureau has issued an announcement in accordance with the latest government instructions and regulations. From 12am next Wednesday (30th), people traveling from Hong Kong, Taiwan or countries and regions other than China to Macao when boarding a plane, ship or vehicle, they must still show a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours of the sampling date or nucleic acid test result with a CT value greater than or equal to 35 (> or =35). Travellers who are free of infection or have a very low level of virus can enter Macao. Those who fail to present the required nucleic acid test will not be allowed to board the plane, ship or vehicle.

Relevant travellers need to show a negative test result certificate which is valid within 48 hours after the sampling date or present two nucleic acid test certificates with results showing that they are infected, but with CT values ​​>or = 35. The sampling time for the 2 tests shall be at least 24 hours apart, but not more than 72 hours, and the validity period shall be within 48 hours after the latest sampling date. As for those who need to be in transit via planes, ships or land transport, they must stay in transit for no more than 24 hours, the validity period of the nucleic acid test certificate can be calculated according to the boarding time at the first point of departure.

In addition, the above validity period is calculated based on the original boarding time of the flight schedule. The Centre pointed out that the relevant measures refer to the optimised prevention and control measures announced by the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council recently, and the acceptance of nucleic acid test certificates with a confirmed diagnosis but a CT value > or = 35 is mainly based on the consideration of the COVID-19 virus infection of persons staying in Hong Kong, Taiwan or foreign countries.

On the other hand, if a nucleic acid test result is positive but the CT value is > or = 35, it does not necessarily mean that there is no infectivity. It needs to be judged according to the dynamic change of the CT value, because the CT value in the early stage of infection will be > or = 35 and it can be contagious. It will then drop to less than 35 and during the recovery period of infection, the CT value will rise again to > or = 35. At this time, it is generally no longer infectious.