Reckless Porsche driver attempts multiple times to overtake Police tactical vehicle before being pulled over


4th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) A dramatic video has gone viral in Hong Kong showing a Porsche driver repeatedly attempting to cut off a police tactical vehicle, forcing it to slam on the brakes and stop.

The 45-second video, reportedly taken in 2018 but only recently circulating online, shows the Porsche and police vehicle driving side by side along Princess Margaret Road toward the Cross Harbour Tunnel.

As they approach Oi Man Estate in Ho Man Tin, the Porsche flashes its lights and speeds up in an attempt to switch into the right lane in front of the police vehicle. However, the police vehicle moves up, blocking the Porsche’s maneuver and is forced to emergency stop.

The two vehicles continue driving side by side, with the Porsche making multiple failed attempts to change lanes in front of the police vehicle, in what looks like a “you overtake, I’ll block” standoff.

Finally, the police vehicle stops and at least five officers get out and approach the Porsche driver. The video ends there.

The clip has sparked heated discussions online, with many commenters calling the Porsche driver “reckless,” “challenging” and “daring.” Some laughed at the Porsche being confronted by so many police officers, while others criticized the dangerous stunt.

Many commenters used strong language to describe the incident, with some saying “there are no suitable words to describe it besides suicidal” and calling the Porsche driver “willlful.”