Ramen champion, Chef Hayashi from Osaka opens RAMEN CUBISM in Central

Picture credit : Ramen Cubism

Renowned Chef Hayashi from Japan owns a successful restaurant known as ‘Original Ramen Style Hayashi’ at Tsukamoto Station in Osaka. His ramen creations attract at least 100 daily diners.

Chef Hayashi’s first overseas venture, Ramen Cubism is now open on Wellington Road, Central. Together with Matsumura Takahiro who is also a famous ramen expert, they have created exclusive recipes which are limited to only 200 servings per day for Hong Kongers during the opening.

Picture credit : Ramen Cubism
Picture credit : Ramen Cubism
Their special recipe contains top quality ingredients including aigamo ‘rice’ duck, a hybrid of wild and domestic duck with a uniquely rich flavour;prized, fragrant Tanba chicken, organically reared from pesticide-free farms; and kagome khumbu, a nutritional, edible kelp harvested exclusively for Ramen Cubism by a local khumbu artisan in Osaka!
Chef Matsumura Takahiro’s famed Sea Soy Soup Ramen, highlighting soup base made with Japanese favourite soy sauce and bonito (skipjack), complemented by a thick slice of tasty, top quality, slow-cooked pork.

Ramen Cubism is open in collaboration with a local partner, Bird Kingdom Group for ramen lovers in Hong Kong.


Basement, Yuen Yick Building, No. 27-29 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong.

Tel : 2399 0811