Raid in Causeway Bay exposes suspected brothel, four women arrested


29th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Following a tip-off and a thorough investigation, law enforcement officers conducted a surprise raid on a flat located at 63 Percival Street in Causeway Bay this afternoon. The operation successfully dismantled a suspected brothel and resulted in the seizure of a range of items, including massage oils, bed sheets, and towels, believed to be connected with illicit activities.

In the course of the action, a 44-year-old local woman was arrested under suspicion of operating a brothel. Additionally, law enforcement detained another local woman and two women from mainland China, whose ages range from 33 to 44. They are suspected of managing a brothel and violating their conditions of stay. The detainees are currently being held for further investigation as the authorities continue to clamp down on illegal sex work in the city.