Quota-free cross-border travel for Mainland students to attend face-to-face classes in HK to be implemented in February, sources

Lo Wu Control Point

27th January 2023 – (Hong Kong) There are still more than 27,000 cross-border students in Hong Kong. According to the authorities, cross-border students still have to wait until after the Spring Festival to resume daily face-to-face classes in Hong Kong. At that time, they will not be required to make an online appointment to cross the border. According to sources today, the quota for cross-border high school students from Mainland will be waived to allow them to attend classes as soon as the second week of February, and cross-border students in primary schools and kindergartens will resume face-to-face classes in the second half of February.

Some academics pointed out earlier that most of the cross-border students travel between the two places via Lo Wu Control Point, but the Lo Wu Control Point is yet to be opened. Hence, students can only arrive in Hong Kong via the Futian Port/Lok Ma Chau Spur Line, which greatly increases the distance and time to return to schools. It is hoped that the government can reopen Lo Wu Control Point as soon as possible.