Quick-witted food delivery courier rescues elderly woman trapped in apartment after fall

Photo for illustration purpose only.

28th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) In a recent incident, a food delivery courier from Hong Kong shared his remarkable experience on social media, capturing the attention and admiration of netizens. The courier found himself in a predicament when he discovered an elderly woman had fallen inside a public housing unit while delivering a meal. The courier’s quick thinking and resourcefulness in saving the woman have earned him praise for his heroic act.

According to the courier’s post in a social media group, he received an order for a delivery consisting of preserved egg and lean meat porridge, as well as fresh shrimp rice rolls, to an old-style courtyard public housing unit. Upon arriving at the location, he noticed that the wooden door was open, allowing him to observe the interior. However, a metal gate obstructed his access, and the apartment was dimly lit with only the glow of a television.

Undeterred by the circumstances, the courier called out into the apartment, “Hello, food delivery!” In response, he heard a weak voice of a woman saying, “Wait!… I can’t get up; I fell and can’t reach the keys!” Startled but determined, the courier peered inside and discovered an elderly woman lying on the ground. Though the sight initially shocked him, he managed to remain calm and composed.

First, the courier reassured the woman, saying, “Don’t worry, don’t force yourself if you can’t get up; I will help you!” Then, he immediately knocked on neighbouring doors in search of assistance. A couple from the adjacent apartment came to his aid, but unfortunately, the metal gate of the elderly woman’s unit remained locked, preventing them from entering. In a critical moment, the courier had a sudden realization—he could contact the customer who had placed the order through the food delivery app, assuming they were a family member of the woman in need.

As expected, the courier successfully reached the woman’s family member via phone and promptly briefed them on the situation, urging them to return home immediately. With the elderly woman now under the care of the kind neighbours, the courier left the scene, receiving heartfelt gratitude from the couple. They expressed that the woman’s condition could have worsened if not for the timely intervention, highlighting the courier’s role in saving her life.

Netizens flooded the social media platform with praise for the Hong Kong food delivery courier’s selfless act. Comments such as “Thank goodness for you!” and “Thank you for not ignoring her” resonated with many. Some commended his quick thinking and composed demeanour, stating, “You handled the situation exceptionally well. The elderly woman was fortunate to have encountered you.” One netizen even remarked, “You demonstrated great wit and composure, rescuing the woman while also seeking assistance from neighbours and following up with the food delivery platform.” The incident struck a chord with those who shared stories of elderly individuals who tragically passed away due to accidents that went unnoticed. They emphasized the importance of timely intervention, with one netizen suggesting, “Next time, remember to call emergency services. Firefighters can break down the door and take the elderly person to the hospital.”