Qatar announces extension of Gaza truce by two days as efforts continue for captive release

Picture credit: Quds News Network

28th November 2023 – (Gaza) Qatar’s foreign minister has confirmed that a deal has been reached to extend the truce in Gaza by two days. This announcement comes as Egypt, Qatar, and the United States, alongside Israel, have been actively pushing for an extension of the four-day truce set to end on Tuesday morning. Israel has expressed its willingness to extend the truce further if Hamas releases more captives.

Meanwhile, Majed Al-Ansari, spokesperson for the Qatar foreign ministry, stated in a press release, “An agreement has been reached to extend the humanitarian truce for an additional two days in the Gaza Strip.” The extension provides a temporary respite from the hostilities and allows for continued negotiations and diplomatic efforts to reach a more lasting solution.

In a press release, the group involved in the negotiations has confirmed that the temporary humanitarian truce has been extended, aligning with the same conditions agreed upon by Qatar and Egypt. This development highlights the collaborative efforts of multiple parties working towards maintaining the ceasefire and facilitating the delivery of essential aid to the people of Gaza. The extension of the truce demonstrates the commitment of all involved parties to uphold the agreed-upon terms and continue their diplomatic endeavours towards a lasting resolution.

During the initial four-day truce, 150 aid trucks managed to enter Gaza City and the northern region, according to the Red Crescent. Among these trucks, fifty were Egyptian, which successfully crossed the Rafah crossing and reached the northern areas. Mohammad Abu Musabah, the director of emergency medical services at the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS), highlighted the challenges faced in loading and unloading shipments but expressed satisfaction that the aid was able to reach its intended destinations.

The extension of the truce provides a crucial opportunity to further address the needs of the people in Gaza and assess the progress made during the initial ceasefire period. Efforts by international mediators and key stakeholders such as Egypt, Qatar, and the United States continue to focus on securing a longer-term resolution and reaching an agreement that ensures sustainable peace in the region.

The release of captives held by Hamas remains a significant point of discussion in the ongoing negotiations. Israel has expressed its willingness to extend the truce if more captives are released, indicating that progress in this area could lead to an extension of the temporary ceasefire.