Qantas redirects Perth-London flights due to escalating tensions in the Middle East


13th April 2024 – (Sydney) In response to escalating tensions in the Middle East, Australian airline Qantas announced on Saturday a significant rerouting of its Perth to London flights to avoid Iranian airspace. This precautionary measure reflects growing concerns in the region following recent military activities. The airline has committed to informing customers directly should there be any changes to their bookings.

Typically, the Perth-London service is a direct flight lasting approximately 17 and a half hours. However, under the new arrangement, this route will include a refueling stop in Singapore. This detour will enable the airline to maintain a full passenger load while adhering to an alternative flight path that circumvents Iranian airspace.

Conversely, the London to Perth leg will continue to operate non-stop. The flight will follow a revised route that takes advantage of favourable wind conditions, thus not requiring an additional stopover. Qantas assures that these changes are confined to the specified routes, with all other services operating as normal.

The decision by Qantas follows similar actions by other major carriers such as Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines, which have also opted to redirect their flights away from Iranian airspace. The aviation industry’s cautious stance comes in the wake of a deadly strike in Syria earlier this month, which Iran attributed to Israel. This incident resulted in the deaths of two Iranian generals and prompted threats of retaliation from Tehran.

Israel has intensified its military operations against Iran-affiliated targets in Syria, particularly since the conflict in the Gaza Strip escalated in October. These developments have heightened concerns over the safety of commercial flights traversing the increasingly volatile airspace in the region.