Putin expresses confidence in Russian victory in Ukraine and guarantees peace and security for all nations


2nd June 2023 – (Moscow) Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that Russia will win in Ukraine and become a guarantor of peace and security for all nations. During a meeting with a representative of a large family on International Children’s Day, the father of the family expressed his belief in Russia’s victory and its potential to guarantee peace and security for all peoples and countries in the world. Putin concurred with the sentiment, stating that there is no doubt that Russia will emerge victorious in the special military operation, as it is defending its land, people, and values.

The president also commended a serviceman who decided to stay in the special military operation zone after receiving medical treatment and expressed his willingness to continue serving once he is healthy. Putin offered the serviceman the opportunity to stay in the Defence Ministry system, noting his good education and area of specialisation. He also acknowledged the man’s large family and stated that there was no need for him to return directly to the zone of the special military operation.

Putin concluded by thanking the serviceman for his service, not just for his own family but for the whole country, defending its interests.