Pui Ching Primary School offers rare opportunity for expensive Arctic expedition to parents, teachers and students


30th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Pui Ching Primary School in Hong Kong recently issued a notice inviting parents to sign up for an overseas study tour. It’s an Arctic expedition to the Svalbard Islands in Norway. The tour is open to both Pui Ching Primary School and Pui Ching Middle School students and teachers, with a total of 50 slots available.

Svalbard Islands in Norway

The cost of the expedition is steep, with each parent required to pay HK$150,000 and each student HK$120,000. This means that one parent and one student will have to pay HK$270,000. However, thanks to the sponsorship from the school and alumni, the student tour fee has been reduced to HK$30,000. This brings the total cost for one parent and one student to HK$180,000.

Pui Ching Primary School specified that only Primary 5 and Primary 6 students who are “physically fit, possess high self-care ability, have a passion for scientific research and the ability to assist middle school students in conducting scientific experiments” are eligible to apply. Students are required to submit a self-introduction and write about their expectations for the Arctic expedition.

Although the cost of the tour is high, only 50 slots are available, and they will be distributed among students and teachers from both Pui Ching Primary School and Pui Ching Middle School. Pui Ching Primary School has been allocated five student slots, and parental accompaniment is required for all participants.

The expedition is set to take place during the summer holidays and will last for two weeks. The Svalbard Islands, also known as the “Cold Coast Islands,” are located in the middle of Norway’s mainland and the North Pole. The tour will feature talks from multiple scientific experts who will explain the science behind the Arctic.

Pui Ching Primary School’s decision to offer an Arctic expedition is a rare opportunity for students to explore the northernmost part of the planet. While the cost of the tour is steep, it is a chance for students to learn about scientific research and experience the unique landscapes and cultures of the Arctic. Parents who are interested in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity should contact the school as soon as possible to secure their slot.