Public transportation in Paris infested with bed bugs, tips to prevent bringing them home while traveling


    11th October 2023 – (Paris) Parisians and visitors to the City of Light are on high alert after a surge in reported sightings of bed bugs on the city’s metro trains and buses. Videos circulating on social media show the small, dark insects scuttling out from underneath seats on crowded carriages, fueling fears that the pests may be spreading through the transport network.

    Authorities in France have been scrambling to contain the situation. Crisis meetings have been held to discuss potential response measures, while specialized detection dogs have been deployed to sweep metro stations and inspect trains. However, the canine units have so far failed to find any live bed bugs, leaving officials insisting there is no infestation problem.

    The discrepancies between visual reports from passengers and the empty-handed results of official checks have only heightened unease. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo acknowledged in a press conference this week that “the situation is concerning and we are taking it very seriously.” Extra inspections and preventative cleaning of metro carriages are now ongoing around the clock.

    While the scope of the problem in Paris remains unclear, experts warn that major transport hubs provide ideal conditions for bed bugs to spread undetected. As a largely nocturnal pest that feeds exclusively on human blood, the insects can easily hitch rides in clothing or luggage to new areas. Their tiny size and excellent hiding abilities allow them to evade detection even by trained dogs.

    International Concern Rises
    The fears extend beyond France as well. London Mayor Sadiq Khan said on Tuesday that reports from visitors returning from Paris justified “real concern” that bugs could inadvertently be brought back to the UK capital. Health officials in other countries with large travel links to France, such as the United States, are also on alert.

    Paris hosted several huge international events recently, including Fashion Week and Rugby World Cup matches. With thousands of tourists present, there is worry that bed bugs may have hitched rides home in travelers’ belongings unnoticed. Canadian entomologist Dr. Harold Harlan believes the perfect storm of conditions could be enabling bugs to spread globally on a greater scale than before.

    “Major infestations in busy transportation hubs essentially function as bed bug superhighways,” he warns. “From there it’s very difficult to contain their movement. Other cities should be on high alert and encourage thorough luggage inspections by returners.”

    No Cause for Panic, Say Experts

    While the situation demands a careful response, experts emphasize there is no need for widespread public panic. Bed bugs do not transmit diseases and most people will suffer no significant health effects from their bites beyond minor itching, according to Paris-based physician Dr. Sylvie Briand.

    “Reactions are usually mild and easily treated with over-the-counter antihistamines or calamine lotion,” she says. “Serious allergic reactions are exceptionally rare.”

    Proper inspection and prevention are far more important than alarm. Travellers heading to Paris or other potentially affected areas should take some practical precautions to avoid bringing hitchhiking bugs home unwelcomed.

    Tips for Travellers

    Before stays in hotels or other accommodations, travelers can check recent reviews online for any mentions of previous bed bug issues. Knowing the signs of an infestation – such as blood spots or exoskeleton shells – enables more thorough room inspections upon arrival as well.

    Mattresses, bed frames, headboards, electrical outlets, furniture joints and any other cracks or crevices should be carefully examined. The bathroom is a safer space for leaving suitcases until it’s confirmed the room itself is bug-free.

    As an added precaution, suitcases can be sealed in plastic bags that bugs cannot bite or climb through. Diatomaceous earth – a desiccating dust safe for humans – sprinkled inside luggage may help snare any stowaways as well.

    If bugs are found, changing rooms or even hotels is the best solution. As a last resort, contaminated clothing and linens can be machine washed in hot water and dried on the highest setting to kill any bugs or eggs. But prevention remains far preferable to battling an infestation after the fact.

    With continued vigilance, conscientious monitoring and common-sense precautions, experts believe the risks posed by bed bugs in Paris and beyond can be effectively mitigated without undue stress. Maintaining calm and following reasonable safety guidelines is the wisest approach for travelers and locals alike during this time.