Public outrage as Chinese couple engages in public sexual act in broad daylight


28th November 2023 – (Shenzhen) A video capturing a couple engaging in a sexual act on the streets has gone viral on the internet. The footage, which has been circulating online, shows a couple ignoring the presence of pedestrians as they proceed to strip down and engage in sexual intercourse in a grassy area by the roadside. Astonishingly, the entire act lasts for a mere nine seconds, after which the couple hastily redresses themselves, seemingly unfazed by the passersby.

The explicit video has ignited a flurry of discussions among netizens, with many condemning the couple’s audacious behaviour. Comments such as “Even stray dogs have more shame…,” “Don’t they have any decency?” and “It’s so awkward, I can’t bear to watch” flooded social media platforms. Additionally, a considerable number of people expressed their fascination with the couple’s ability to complete the act within such a short timeframe, jokingly remarking, “It was over in a few seconds” and “That was fast!”

The 48-second-long video, which has been widely shared online, depicts a man wearing a grey shirt and a woman donning a purple top engaged in the explicit act of intercourse near a grassy area on the street. The couple appears uninhibited by their exposed location, proceeding with their actions without any attempts to conceal themselves. As the camera briefly loses focus and pans away, it returns to capture the couple after approximately nine seconds, at which point they have already completed their encounter. The man hastily pulls up his pants, while the woman sits on the ground, readjusting her clothing. Throughout their intimate rendezvous, several pedestrians pass by, some merely glancing at the scene before continuing on their way, while others choose to entirely ignore the couple.

The video does not provide any information regarding the time and location of the incident. However, upon further investigation, it has been discovered that a similar incident, involving public displays of affection, occurred in 2020. The location and attire of the individuals involved in the previous incident closely resemble those featured in the current video. It remains unknown whether these incidents involve the same couple. Notably, the previous incident depicted the couple engaging in explicit acts directly on the street, displaying a brazen disregard for public decency. Although the precise location of the video remains undisclosed, the presence of simplified Chinese characters on a warning sign in the footage suggests that the incident took place in mainland China.