Public outrage as child urinates in public near TKO Spot in Tuen Mun


7th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) A photo posted on a local Facebook page has stirred controversy. The image captures a young child suspected of urinating in public on the streets of Tuen Mun. The incident occurred near TKO Spot, opposite the Shun Tak Estate. The location is in close proximity to a bus stop along Tong Ming Street. Despite the availability of nearby facilities, such as public restrooms in the adjacent street market or even the public toilets in Tong Ming Street Park across the road, the child chose to relieve himself in public.

The photo sparked a wave of criticism from netizens, who questioned the lack of access to toilets in the nearby shopping mall, the abundance of public restrooms in the vicinity, and the need to urinate in public when facilities were readily available. Many expressed their disappointment with the child’s lack of proper upbringing, criticising the “deplorable education” they received and the failure of their guardians to instil proper values. Netizens emphasised that such behaviour reflects poorly on the child’s character and the quality of his education. They questioned the need for such actions when there are ample options for accessing sanitary facilities nearby, including restaurants and shopping malls.

While some netizens condemned the child’s actions and called for better education, others acknowledged that young children may sometimes struggle to control their urges and that parents should be more vigilant in such situations.