Public housing with a view: Captivating seascapes boost charm of Wah Fu Estate


26th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Sunlight pours through the balustrades, casting elongated shadows that sprawl across the ground, forming geometric patterns. Amid the expansive sea and sky, a sense of tranquillity prevails. This is the backdrop to several generations who have experienced the warmth of watching the sea at Wah Fu Estate.

Located in Waterfall Bay in the southern district of Hong Kong Island, Wah Fu Estate is a classic public housing estate. Its enchanting sea views have become a surprising attraction, as evidenced by the ‘corridor chairs’ that line the walkways. A recent social media post titled “Today’s Encounter with Public Housing Corridor Chairs” on the ‘Public Housing Discussion Area’ Facebook page has brought the stunning corridor seascape views of the estate into the limelight, further spurring the hashtag ‘Daily Public Housing’.

A simple chair at Wah Fu Estate seems to lead an extraordinarily carefree and joyful existence, basking in the estate’s serene environment and glorious vistas.

Netizens have responded with admiration and longing to the post, visualising their own experiences in this setting. Some have fantasised about placing a small coffee table in front of the wicker chairs, holding a cup of cappuccino or sipping a beer, and chilling while watching the sunrise or sunset in a relaxed manner.

The responses have been overwhelmingly positive, with comments praising the ‘top-notch environment’ and the ‘unbelievable beauty’. Many have admired the ‘feel’ of the place, noting that these are the ‘real public housing complexes’ that exude a ‘comfortable and relaxed’ aura. They lament that such places, with their distinct ‘flavours’, are becoming increasingly rare in Hong Kong today.