Public amenities inside Kwai Fong MTR station vandalised and damaged, protesters allegedly assaulted by MTR staff


23rd August 2019 – (Hong Kong) At around 5am today, MTR announced that part of the public amenities located at Kwai Fong Station were damaged and vandalised. They have sealed off Exits A and D to facilitate police investigation. Train services would not be affected.

Exits A and D are closed to public today.
Only Exits B and C are open to commuters today.

Around 100 protesters turned at Kwai Fong MTR Station at around 10pm yesterday to demand the senior management to explain on the 11/8 incident where police fired tear gas rounds inside the station. Some of them stopped commuters from going through the normal gate to go in and forced them to go through a malfunctioned one which they disabled. Some commuters ignored their instructions and continued to go through the gates which were functioning normally.

There were over 20 MTR staff present during the incident. At around 12am, a staff engaged in a scuffle with protesters while some of them voiced their displeasure after being assaulted. The staff was eventually escorted by other staff into the control room to prevent protesters from surrounding him. Leung Yiu-chung, a Legislative Councillor arrived at the scene to understand further.

A 25 year old man injured his left ear and he was sent to hospital. At around 1.10am, around 10 police officers arrived and arrested an 18 year MTR temporary staff while they took down details of several protesters and their IDs.