Protestors challenge riot police officers to produce their warrant cards in Mong Kok (VIDEO)


7th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) At 11.45pm today, several protestors questioned riot police officers as to why they did not produce their warrant cards. Police officers responded sternly that ‘When we are executing our duties, WE DO NOT NEED TO PRODUCE F OUR WARRANT CARDS.’

Video credit : Lishu Chou

According to Police General Orders,

20-14 Warrant Cards

  1. A police officer shall carry his warrant card on his person at all times provided his intended activities are compatible with its safe keeping. An officer in plain-clothes when dealing with members of the public and exercising his police powers, whether he is on or off duty, shall
    identify himself and produce his warrant card. At the scene of a crime, officers in plain-clothes shall wear their warrant cards in such a manner that they may be readily identified.
  2. A police officer in plain-clothes, whether on or off duty, shall produce and wear his warrant card on his outer clothing on entry to police buildings and shall continue to wear his warrant card throughout the duration of his stay in such building.
  3. Uniformed police officers should produce their warrant cards upon request by members of the public unless:-
    (a) circumstances do not allow; or
    (b) to do so would prejudice the police action and/or safety of the officers concerned; or
    (c) the request is unreasonable.

So it was unsure if the police officers in charge were exercising their rights under S20-14(3) of the Police General Orders.