5th September 2018 – (Hong Kong) Some online netizen has again filed a petition with the Whitehouse to call on Congress to act on an issue i.e. to sanction Hong Kong government for its State Terrorism conducted in Prince Edward Train Station, Hong Kong on 8/31.

As at press time, 15,821 have signed the petition.

In the petition (CLICK HERE), they wrote the following:

On the night of 8/31, the Hong Kong Police Force stormed the Prince Edward train Station and Indiscriminately assaulted those who were in the station, including civilians. Many were heavily injured. Numerous evidence points the assault to State Terrorism perpetrated by the Hong Kong Police Force and Hong Kong S.A.R.

The Hong Kong Police Force demanded the Mass Transit Railway,MTR, to seal off Prince Edward Station, trapping civilians and armless protestors, while ordering its Special Tactical Squad to storm the platform on its arrival, attacking any civilians insight, which ended in a Bloodshed!

We the people respectfully request the U.S. to sanction Hong Kong S.A.R. government and the Hong Kong Police Force for conducting State Terrorism in Hong Kong.

Even though we may not agree with police brutality, we do not think that it’s ideal for the protesters to seek the help of the U.S. government to sanction the Hong Kong government. Labelling the incident as ‘STATE TERRORISM’ is simply an overkill. Similarly, riot police in the United States used pepper spray, shoot rubber bullets and flash grenades on protesters in several protests in the past.

Riot police deployed pepper spray, tear gas and flash grenades on protesters in Washington, Seattle and also in Portland (Watch the videos below). Any investigation against police misconduct should be carried out using the government’s own investigative mechanism and not through sanctions. In each country, instances of police brutality are unavoidable during mass rallies. If protesters from each country are going to start signing petition to appeal to other foreign nations to sanction their own government, this will open up unnecessary floodgate of foreign interference.

The protesters should stop abusing this Whitehouse petition procedure to avoid making a fool of themselves. They should perhaps try starting an anti-extradition protest by throwing molotov cocktails and barricading major roads in the United States to see if the riot police there would treat them any different.

Police gave a heavy-handed response to an anarchist May Day protest march in Seattle. The demonstrators were marching under the banner, “Whoever they vote for, we are ungovernable.”

Police march in on protestors on 6th and Yamhill in downtown Portland in 2017.