Protesters share escape route, police-free MTR exits and passwords of housing states for temporary shelter to avoid arrests


14th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) As riot police and unidentified tactical team continued to storm into the airport to make arrests, several protest leaders have shared escape routes on TELEGRAM :

A) Take ferry from Tung Chung to Tuen Mun or Hong Kong Island;

B) Use annual pass to enter Disneyland;

C) Go to Big Buddha via Ngong Ping.

D) Hide in Mui Wo before returning to Hong Kong.

The protest leaders have also shared on TELEGRAM the password of all the apartments at Yat Tung Estate I and II, Mun Tung Estate, Fu Tung Estate, Ying Tung Estate, Coastal Skyline (Block 3) and La Rossa – Coastal Skyline Phase 3 in Tung Chung. Police will not storm into private properties to make any arrests if the security officers stop them.

They even listed the police-free MTR stops at 12.25am on their Telegram i.e. Hong Kong Station, Yuen Long Exit G, Tsing Yi Exit A, Tung Chung Exit A. The danger areas where police were present included Tai Wai Exit C (8 police officers), Exit A (5 police officers), Exit B (6 police officers) Exit D (5 police officers).

These radical protesters were highly organised as they shared information in split seconds.