Protesters set fire in Central and Admiralty areas, burn Chinese flag, damage Wan Chai MTR Station while Admiralty MTR station is closed, tear gas fired (Updated 7.50pm)

Harcourt Road at 4.40pm.

15th September 2019 – (Hong Kong) At around 2.20pm, Transport Department announced that tram service between North Point to Pedder Street in Central and Happy Valley would be suspended. Buses passing Irving Street, Yee Wo Street and Hennessy Road West were rerouted via Leighton Road and Tin Lok Lane.

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At 2.20pm, many radical protesters barricaded Hennessy Roa while riot police demanded them to disperse immediately as they were participating in illegal assembly. Yellow flag was hoisted at the police headquarters in Wan Chai at 3.52pm. More radical protesters gathered at the government headquarters in Admiralty. They barricaded Harcourt Road (East Bound), Lockhart Road and Lung Wo Road. Harcourt Road was cordoned off to motorists at 4.10pm. Meanwhile, some rioters also vandalised and destroyed 3 glass panels at Exit A1 Wan Chai MTR Station Some cut off power supply to traffic light system on Fenwick Street. A few removed a Chinese national flag at the junction of Fenwick Street and Lockhart Road, desecrated and burned it. Some protesters climbed up Hutchison House to destroy and burn the emblem of 70th anniversary of Communist China.

Riot Police on East Point Road in Causeway Bay at 5.28pm

At 4.40pm, MTR announced that trains would not stop at Admiralty Station. At 4.43pm, black flag hoisted near Chief Executive’s office in Admiralty and Legislative Council Building. Water cannon vehicles were on standby at Government Building West Wing.

At 4.45pm, rioters set fire at many areas in Central and Admiralty, many also blocked the entrance/exits to Admiralty Station. Police issued warning to commence clearance soon. Tear gas round fired outside Exit B of Admiralty MTR station at 5.05pm. Many tear gas rounds fired in front of government headquarters and Citic tower. Protesters hurled molotov cocktails at riot police. Rubber bullets were fired by riot police on Tin Wah Avenue at 5.25pm. Water cannon vehicle deployed by riot police at 5.30pm at Government Headquarters in Admiralty. Water with blue dye sprayed at protesters.

At 6.15pm, rioters burned objects on Hennessy Road in Wan Chai before firemen arrived to put out the fire. They also set fire to Exit A3 and B1 of Wan Chai MTR Station at 6.23pm. Rioters once again set fire on Hennessy Road at 6.40pm before firemen extinguished the flame.

At 6.48pm, police hoisted blue flag under Canal Road Flyover. At 6.54pm, around 30 riot police commenced clearance towards Happy Valley direction from Lee Tung Avenue. At 7pm, around 100 riot police moved Eastwards from junction of Lockhart Road and Percival Street.

Blue flag raised at Causeway Bay Plaza at 7.15pm. Riot police also raised blue flag near Southorn Playground. Over 100 riot police commenced clearance on King’s Road in North Point. 30 Fujian triad members were also present in North Point. Some protesters and reporters were assaulted by the triad members at Fortress Hill MTR Station.

Riot police were present on King’s Road in North Point at 8.15pm.

Fujian triads gathered at North Point at 7.30pm.

Tear gas fired at Exit E of Causeway Bay MTR Station while protesters forced open the roller shutter at Exit E. Orange flag raised at 7.49pm.

Protesters forced open the roller shutter at Exit E of Causeway Bay MTR Station.
Protester hurled molotov cocktails at riot police in Wan Chai MTR Station.
Exit A3 set on fire at Wan Chai MTR Station.
Protesters set fire to exit at Wan Chai MTR Station.
Water with blue dye sprayed at protesters.
Blue dyed water sprayed at protesters near Government Headquarters at 5.30pm
At 6.10pm, many protesters who were sprayed with water cannon developed rashes on their skins as the water contained chemical substance.
Rubber bullets were fired by riot police on Tin Wah Avenue at 5.25pm.
Exit A2 at Wan Chai MTR Station closed at 4.30pm.
Protesters denied building these bamboo barricades on Fleming Road at 4.40pm.
Riot Police conducting surveillance on a scaffolding at Wan Chai Police Station at 4.15pm.
Riot Police conducting surveillance on a scaffolding at Wan Chai Police Station at 4.15pm.
Legislative Council building.
At 4.30pm, two police officers were conducting surveillance from the rooftop of government headquarters in Admiralty.
Water cannon vehicle spotted outside Beijing Liaison office.
At 5.50pm today, many MTR trains at Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Central and Admiralty MTR stations were occupied by riot police.
A protester was arrested outside exit A3 Wan Chai MTR Station. Picture credit : STP Media
70th anniversary of Communist China banner burned on Harcourt Road at 4.30pm.
Protesters burned Chinese national flag in Wan Chai at 4.37pm.
Many PTU officers spotted at 4.38pm at Central MTR station.
Marine police patrolling near Wan Chai Pier at 4.40pm.
PTU officers spotted at Central MTR Station.
At around 5 pm, protesters walking on Gloucester Road towards Causeway.
Water cannon vehicle spotted near Exchange Square at 5.05pm.
Tear gas fired near government building in Admiralty at 5.03pm.
Around 30-40 riot police were seen at Legislative Council Building at 5.03pm.
Riot police commenced clearance near World Wide House, 19 Des Voeux Rd Central, Central at 5.10pm.
Tear gas rounds fired in front of Citic Tower at 5.15pm.
At 5.27pm, riot police and a fleet of police vehicles were in a standoff with protesters near Connaught Place.
Police disguised as protester spotted amongst riot police in Causeway Bay at 5.45pm.
Water cannon was fired at reporters at the junction of Tin Wah Avenue and Harcourt Road at 5.32pm.
Police commenced clearance towards Sogo from the overhead bridge on Patterson Street in Causeway Bay at 5.53pm.
Patterson Street at 6pm.
Riot police surrounded roads near Victoria Park at 5.50pm.
Protesters started to move towards Queensway at 5.57pm.
Riot police in front of Admiralty Centre at 6.01pm.
At 6.05pm, hundreds of protesters gathered in front of Wan Chai Police Headquarters to shout anti-police slogans. Picture credit:
Riot Police commenced clearance on Patterson Road at 6.15pm.
6.34pm, riot police on Canal Road West.
At 6.50pm, protesters used bus stop signage to barricade Leighton Road.
Riot police were seen in front of Chungking Mansion at 7pm.
At 7.02pm, around 30 riot police moved towards Causeway Bay from Wan Chai Sports Ground.
Police in disguise as protester spotted at Canal Road West at 7pm. City Broadcasting Channel (CBC)
At 7.07pm, many riot police were at Causeway Bay Plaza.
Riot police retreated into Exit C of Causeway Bay MTR station at 7.18pm.
At 7.27pm, riot police were at King’s Road.
Riot police moved towards Fortress Hill on King’s Road at 7.30pm.
Canal Road West at 7.30pm.
Gate at Star Ferry at Wan Chai closed at 7.31pm.