Protesters initiate fresh round of non-cooperation movement at Kowloon Tong Station at 7.30am tomorrow after MTR failed to respond to their demands today


24th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) At around 5pm today, protesters surrounded the MTR Headquarters in Kowloon Bay at around 5pm today to demand explanation from the management with regards to the brutal incident that took place at Yuen Long MTR Station on 21st July.

The general manager of MTR finally arrived at the scene at around 6pm and he reiterated that MTR staff were not trained to handle cases of violence. Hence, they would discuss the issue with police and make the necessary improvements. Civilians present were not satisfied with his reply and requested for the communication records of the station master during the 21st July incident. He replied that MTR would consider revealing the information and left. Protesters then attempted to stop him from leaving while several reporters and MTR fell to the ground during the commotion.

Aggrieved by the response of the MTR management, netizens have started a fresh non-cooperation movement tomorrow at Kowloon Tong MTR Station at 7.30am to express disapproval of MTR’s following actions:

  1. MTR’s decision to allow police to search protesters on 12th June;
  2. Besieging of protesters at Shatin MTR station on 14th July;
  3. Allowing violent thugs/terrorists in white to assault civilians.

The netizens further claimed that Hong Kong is no longer a safe place and if MTR refuses to respond, they will continue with more non-cooperation movement.