Protesters in standoff with riot police on Tin Wah Road in Tin Shui Wai


14th September 2019 – (Hong Kong) At around 3.35pm,  over 100 protesters participated in an illegal assembly at Tin Sau Road Park before marching towards Tin Shui Wai MTR Light Rail Station. Many protesters clad in black with masks were waving American flags and they sang ‘ Glory to Hong Kong’. Total number of protesters increased to 600 when they started to march towards Tin Ching Estate. Police raised blue flag at around 4pm to warn protesters to leave as they were participating in illegal assembly. At 4.15pm, riot police were in stand off with protester near T Town Mall.

At 4.40pm, MTR Corp announced adjustments in Light Rail service Light Rail trains ran at 12-13 minute intervals on Route 705 and 706; at 14-15 minute intervals on Route 751 and at 13-14 minute intervals on Route 761P.

At 6.45pm, protesters moved objects and traffic barriers from T Town before forming a barricade near the roundabout of Tin Wah Road. Police started to flash laser pointers at protesters at around 7pm.