Protesters flash laser pointers at Chief Executive’s office after gathering at Tamar Park


3rd September 2019 – (Hong Kong) Protesters gathered at Tamar Park for the second day in a row. At around 2.30pm, there were over 500 people who scattered around the park. Some protesters in black were waving British Colonial Flag. The organisers delayed the event to 3pm before they started to repeat their five demands and to urge everyone to go on strike.

Jimmy Sham was present at the gathering this afternoon.
Police sealed off road near IFC Mall.

At 6.26pm, a group of protesters started to flash laser pointers at riot police and the Chief Executive’s office on Tim Wa Road. Riot police who stood behind water filled barricades at Chief Executive’s office warned protesters to back off.

Protester in full gear in front of Chief Executive’s office.

Police sealed off Lung Wo Road near IFC Apple store at 6.48pm.